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Live chat: Gary Goodyear, Conservative Party candidate, Cambridge-North Dumfries

Gary has been the Member of Parliament for Cambridge-North Dumfries since 2004. He is a former Public Relations Director and Past President of the College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences in Toronto and taught at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and the University of Waterloo. He'll be answering your questions live, Wed. April 8 from noon to 1 p.m.

  • Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to another of our online chats leading up to the federal election. Our guest today is Conservative candidate for Cambridge, Gary Goodyear. Mr. Goodyear, good afternoon and thanks for being here. Let's begin!
  • thanks Mike, Great to be here
  • Gary, your last budget announced money for Science and Technology including the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, can you tell me if the Liberals will support these initiatives, should they form government?
  • Yes, the Conservatives have set aside $50 Million over 5 years to support this amazing world class research centre. Unfortunately, not only did the Michael Ignatieff coalition opposed this, but the new "Liberal Red Book" has no mention of funding for Perimeter, in fact, it goes on to say, no new funding for Science and Tech at all for years!! so no money for the granting councils, no money for Genome Canada, no money for new scientific research, basic or applied. This is their approach, they used it in the late 90:s and caused our "Brain Drain"
  • Seniors are our most valuable asset, they helped build this country and continue to provide wisdom and work. We beleive they should be respected. in budget 2011, we increased GIS so single low income seniors could receive $600 and couples can receive $840, Canadians asked for this, in fact the NDP asked for this, but then opposed it in the budget as did the rest of the coalition. we want to enhance the New Horizons program, extend the Targeted INitiative for older workers, and extend ecoEnergy to help seniors save on their homes. this comes in addition to a number of initiatives in previous budgets that add up to $2.3 Billion is targeted help for Seniors. in my own riding we have been able to provide more affordable homes for our seniors, and it is my strongest intention to continue this work and our very well attended Seniors Clinics.
  • Hi Gary, Can you tell me what specifically, you have done for the residents of Cambridge in the last two and a half years?
  • i am so very proud of the work and acheivements for my riding, which include Gas Tax transfers amounting to over $11 million PER year which helps offset property taxes by giving the city more funds for roads, sewers etc, the new Conestoga College campus, the new Ayr Rec Centre, Langs brand new villiage for kids, seniors and community help, i was even able to get funds for the Cambridge Hospital to install a Thermal wall to decrease their heating bills and help the environment. Funding for ComDev and other companies to create jobs and help them become more competitive. Almost every Arena, and the YMCA received help for roofs, chillers, windows, sound systems and so on. Summer Job programs have seen increased funding creating more jobs and jobs for students. and if I have not been clear,, i have been honoured to do this work, have enjoyed every minute and would like your vote so I can continue to do good work for Cambridge and North Dumfries
  • Thanks for the great questions so far. Keep them coming! Our keyboards are definitely getting a workout today. Kris has an interesting question about jobs and Toyota that Gary will answer next.
  • Why does the Conservative party not point out more vigorously that it was a 'coalition' of the other 3 parties that found the government in comtempt? It goes to show the voters that the Liberals will stop at nothing to try and form a government.
  • Hi Gary, I live in Cambridge, in the Hespeler area specifically. I really enjoy the city but feel that our side of the highway is often neglected and under serviced, ie there are no doctors practicing on our side, the roads are always the last to get cleaned, our downtown area needs complete repaving, let alone the fact that no one comes around to our side to even canvas during any election period. Can someone please look at Hespeler as part of the region and not ignore it?
  • How are you encouraging new office development to take place in the urban cores of Cambridge rather than in big box complexes along the 401? Doesn't Cambridge deserve to be a real city along the river rather than another sprawlville like Mississauga?
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