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LIVE BLOG: August 1 Ontario byelections

Real-time coverage of the Aug. 1 Ontario byelections in five ridings.

  • Doug Holyday has clawed his way to Queen’s Park, earning the Conservatives their first Toronto riding in more than a decade after edging Liberal candidate Peter Milczyn in Thursday’s Etobicoke-Lakeshore byelection.

    The minority Liberals managed to hold on to just two of the five seats up for grabs.

    Dalton McGuinty’s former riding of Ottawa South was retained after John Fraser edged Conservative candidate Matt Young, and Mitzie Hunter wrested Scarborough-Guildwood from Ken Kirupa (PC) and Adam Giambrone (NDP) in what was a tight three-way race for most of the night.

    The NDP gained the ridings of Windsor-Tecumseh (Percy Hatfield) and London West (Peggy Sattler).

    Premier Kathleen Wynne accepted the results, and said the Liberals would have to do more to earn the public’s trust after a series of scandals – most recently the cancelled GTA gas plants that cost taxpayers at least $585 million.

    “We lost some ridings tonight,” said Wynne. “There are fewer Liberal MPPs…I’ve said repeatedly that byelections are opportunities for citizens to send a message to government…and we hear that. That message was sent. We’ve heard it loud and clear. People expect more of us.”
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